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The Associates

The Select Group of Social Change Agents Making An Impact

Our Associate Member Organizations Represent the Following:


Nonprofit Organizations

Any nonprofit organization that operates to provide a public good without generating a profit and its income is not distributed to its members, directors, or officers. These may include charitable organizations, faith-based, noncommercial research, and education organizations.


Disadvantaged Minority-Owned Small Social Enterprises

Welcome to any small businesses that are 51% or more owned and controlled by one or more disadvantaged people subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias within American society. And you have specific social benefit objectives that serve the business' primary purpose and the public good. 


Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Social Enterprises

Any small business that is at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are economically disadvantaged, with revenues less than $750K/yr., and conducts business in industries where women owners are underrepresented.  And you have specific social benefit objectives that serve the company's primary purpose and public good. 

Associate Member Organizations

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Advantages of Being an Associate

Ability to work Funded Projects

You receive First Right of Refusal on any opportunities to proposal and execute grants for projects

Includes Executive Level Benefits

Two (2) Social Change Executive Level memberships for staff Representatives

A Voice at the Table

You become a key decision-maker to elect SIAA' At-Large Board of Directors, membership policies, and selection of community-driven projects

Free Classes & Webinars

Associates may attend instructor-led, self-paced training and webinars at no additional cost.

Membership Recruitment Bonuses

$50 Off annual Associate dues for each new patron member you refer

Executive Level Access to Resources

The Associates have full access to SIAA library of methods, techniques, tools, a data sets, and reports. 

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Apply to Become an Associate

The Associate Members form the Association.  We are a select group of mission-focused nonprofits and economically disadvantaged woman-owned and disadvantage minority-owned small social enterprises. Together we work on complex social problems. We involve many community stakeholders working toward system-level change. While each Associate Member may work independently, together we coordinate efforts and pool interests, resources, and capabilities to amplify social impact. 

Learn about Associate Membership

11110 Sunset Hills Rd.

Reston, VA 20190

(703) 651-2922

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